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How to resolve legal questions

My name is Nathalie M. Salibian Waltz, I have been working in the advocate sector for 20 years. As a trained German lawyer and English solicitor, I have been practicing in the matter of German and English contracts on the one hand and can on the other hand will specifically point to the neuralgic points in a negotiation that may mean potential risks or pitfalls and propose feasible solutions.
In 2009 MYLAW OFFICE was founded, a German law firm which provides legal advice in German and English law. As a lawyer, I have already provided legal support numerous projects and transactions.

Reviewing your objectives and structuring your legal business relationships are the focus of my practice. Whether you require single legal advice or a long-term legal work my approach combines know-how and expertise and distinguishes itself by a sense for the particularities of your case.
I will support you with my experience when it comes to specific legal steps to settle out-of-court lawsuits or legal proceedings seems necessary.
I advise comprehensively, promptly and personally.
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Nathalie M. Salibian Waltz
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Legal aspects to consider in business following Brexit

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The UK Referendum will take place on 23 June 2016. Although the eventual exit route is hard to predict in the medium term there will be some European regime in place which would still affect the UK post Brexit. Single market access is a key element in the trade arrangements between the England and Germany. […]