Mrs. Nathalie M. Salibian-Waltz

Marbachweg 330

60320 Frankfurt

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MYLAW OFFICE in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is uniquely positioned to advise and represent in German, English and European law. Rechtsanwältin Salibian-Waltz specialises in legal advice in banking and capital markets law, contract law and civil disputes. In the banking and capital market law Rechtsanwältin Salibian-Waltz has acquired specialised experience through many years of experience with large international law firms to represent clients compared to well-known banks, savings banks, funds or brokers at eye level and to help you successfully to your right. Another focus of activity by Rechtsanwältin Salibian-Waltz is contract law. For her clients, she drafts and reviews licensing agreements, distribution agreements, franchises, taking into account their IP rights and possible transfer of data. Through the qualification of Rechtsanwätlin Salibian-Waltz as English solicitor it is ensured, that contracts both be edited according to German law as to often internationally applied English law in legal and economic terms in an optimal way for the clients. Finally, Rechtsanwältin Salibian-Waltz stands by individuals and companies involved in civil disputes in court. Frau Salibian-Waltz aims at enforcing the interests of the clients as best as possible in a lawsuit. This can be achieved by settlement, in arbitration proceedings, or by judgements in court. Mrs Salibian-Waltz has worked since 1997 as an attorney and since 2002 as English solicitor. Contact us if you need help with legal matters. We would like to advise and represent you. We offer a first review on feasibility for a credit revocation. Rechtsanwältin Salibian-Waltz looks forward to a first appointment with you.



Legal aspects to consider in business following Brexit

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The UK Referendum will take place on 23 June 2016. Although the eventual exit route is hard to predict in the medium term there will be some European regime in place which would still affect the UK post Brexit. Single market access is a key element in the trade arrangements between the England and Germany. […]